Xan Padrón

The "Time Lapse" Project

Human Portraits of Cities and Neighborhoods Around the World

Cuba 2014

Human Portraits from the streets of La Habana.

Human City

New York 2005-2010. In every city, there exists a soul, where human essence can be discovered in the deepest corners or right before our eyes.

Land Escapes

A collection of urban and rural landscapes from Spain and New York City.

Where I Come from

A collection of photographs of urban and rural Galicia, Spain, where I come from. Ongoing.

Motion City

New York City 2005-2011. "So as a photographer you become very conscious – at least I do – that everything is in movement" -- Paul Strand

Transit Series

2023-ongoing. A combination of photographs taken from public transportation inspired by the idea of finding beauty while we are in transit.